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Pyrography means 'writing with fire' and is the art of decorating wood with burn marks using a specialised Pyrography tool.

Around 10 years ago, Mick had a small business as a picture framer making his own mouldings in his shed. He could not compete with the cheap framing mouldings that were made in China so business was slow.

 His uncle gave him a book on Pyrography and Mick purchased a Pyrography tool with the view to using the tool on his picture frames and framed mirrors as a unique touch. Flamin' Frames was open for business. After an unsuccessful stint at various markets trying to sell his frames and mirrors, a passerby asked if Mick could make a sign for his property (like the one Mick had made up for his Flamin' Frames business).  The customer absolutely loved the finished sign so, 'Flamin' Signs' was born. Since then, Mick has honed his craft to include hand burnt original artworks on large timber plaques and various sized timber jewellery boxes.  'Flamin' Signs and boxes' was born. Mick also hand burns calligraphy onto his sentimental Olive Wood Hearts and Mango Wood Boxes

After 6 years of exclusively hand burning all content 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, Mick's wrist and forearm were in agony, so he invested in a laser engraver in early 2017 to take the work load of his arm. Now, all his signs and named/image boxes are laser engraved and he exclusively hand burns his artworks into his boxes and plaques and hand burns names into his Olive Wood Hearts at his shop at Queen Victoria Market.

A new 2017 product is custom wood shock proof wood veneer and shock proof, wood look synthetic phone cases where he can laser engrave any image into the phone cases. In 2019, Mick moved into a container shop within Queen Vic Market where he installed another laser engraver and now is the only on the spot engraver of phone cases and Mango Wood boxes in Australia.

As of March 2020, Australia shut it's borders to international tourists and Australians were advised to not travel and to stay home due to Covid19. This resulted in a loss of 98% of foot traffic through the market. Due to Government rulings, the market has closed until further notice. Mick has moved all his focus online to provide a direct gift giving service for people staying home and still wanting to buy gifts for loved ones and have it sent straight to their home.

Since March, Mick has become creative with his time in the garage and has introduced Fractal Burnt Charcuterie/Platter Boards, Personalised Timber Growth Ruler Charts and Mango Wood Watch Organiser Boxes.

Flamin' Signs And Boxes provides a unique gift idea for the person who has everything.
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