Here are the selection of Products that we make.
Flamin Signs and Boxes - Customised Timb

Customised Synthetic shockproof wood look Phone Cases with rubber bumpers and Wood Veneer cases with rubber bumpers all round case. One piece cases where case is pushed onto back of phone.

Flamin Signs and Boxes - Engraved Olive

Beautifully grained and fit in the palm of you hand. Up to 4 names and a special date hand engraved using a Pyrography pen.


Any content, any image, any font catered for. Indoor or Outdoor signs. Various hanging options. Straight edge or Natural edge. Using Mountain Ash and Birdseye Stringy Bark Eucalyptus timber.


Any name, any image, any font catered for. Personal message engraving under lid.  Red felt lined with optional dividers. Varnished and a sturdy, decorative latch.

Flamin Signs and Boxes - Custom Mango Wo

Hand burnt using a pyrography pen.