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    Previous custom made engraved timber signs

Please press 'Design your Sign' button, fill out the form with details of your sign. I will send back a design draft and quote for your consideration. Check out sizes and prices below.

To get an idea of the price of the signs, click the button to view the sign pricing guide

Any content, any image, any font catered for. Indoor, Outdoor nut undercover or full outdoor signs. Various hanging options available. Straight edge and Natural edge with burnt effect options or cut out corners with border edge along with various hanging options. Using Grade 1 outdoor use Australian Hardwood timbers such as, Blackbutt Eucalyptus, Birdseye Stringy Bark Eucalyptus, Spotted Gum Eucalyptus and Red Ironbark Eucalyptus

Any size catered for -  from 30cm x 9cm up to a huge 1.2 metres x 74cm.

Timber Sign
Custom Sign
Timber Farm Sign
Property Sign
Driftwood Edge
Natural Edge
Eyebolts and chain hanging
Burnt Edge Custom timber Sign
Burnt Natural Edge
Shed Sign
Timber Property Sign
Wooden Property Sign
Custom Smoker Sign
Wood House Sign
Bar Sign
Timber Sign
Engraved Sign
House Sign
Custom Engraved Sign
Engraved Timber Sign
Wooden Bar Sign
Wood Engraved Sign
Timber Garden Sign
Custom Man Cave sign
Wood Home Sign
Property Sign
Woman Cave Sign
Wood Property Sign
House Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Signs
Father's Day Custom Wood Signs
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Custom Wood Sign
Wooden Business Sign
Wood business sign

Wood Signs Custom

Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree When Looking for Wood Signs Made Custom


If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home or business, we manufacture wood signs that are custom made for use in- or outdoors. We stock various wood types and style your signage to your taste. With our affordable prices, you won’t be able to not buy a sign for yourself when your initial intention was to buy one as a gift.


What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Wood Engraved Signs


No expectation is too grand nor requirement to stringent when choosing a customised wooden sign from us. Whether you’re looking for a sign to complement a home inspired by nature or one that’s more refined, our signboards range from rustic to modern, and your design options include the following:


  • Different types and shades of wood: Depending on the look you’re going for we offer signs in various shades to complement any style of home. We have Mountain ash for the more contemporary home with a smooth grain and beige to light brown colouring. Despite its fine features, it’s a strong wood that fares well outside too. Blackbutt has an even texture too but ranges from golden yellow to pale brown, often found on the same piece of wood, creating a charming contrast in colour. Birdseye stringybark eucalyptus timber is also heavy-duty, and its yellow hue distinguishes it from other types of wood, reminiscent of a golden harvest.

  • Various edges: If it’s a more rustic look you’re after, we can add a jagged edge to your personalised wooden signs that make the pieces look as if they’ve just broken off the rest of the plank. For a less rugged look, you have the option of a natural edge that has a curved finishing. We also cater to the more modern establishments, where the edge of the sign is smooth and straight. Also, why not add a burnt effect to the edges of your signs to give character and depth to the design with contrasting colours.

  • Assorted sizes: Whether you need a sign to let the postman or visitors know where you are or a much larger one that drivers can spot from their car, we have five different sizes that come standard. We can tailor anything depending on your requirements. From as small as 30cm x 90cm, up to 1.2 x 74 cm wide (on one piece - can make longer signs in 2 pieces), we have the sign for you so that your workshop or bed and breakfast never goes unnoticed again by potential customers.


What Sets Us Apart Regarding Wood Signs in Australia


You want to add the final touches to your newly built or upgraded home but have already overspent on construction, Flamin' Signs and Boxes offer low-cost signage that you can budget for in the short term. Perhaps you’ve run out of ideas on what to get a loved one for their birthday; we help you pick the perfect gift.


  • Competitive pricing: We offer our clients the purchasing flexibility to buy a base product with the option of adding extras such as semi or full weatherproofing. We can attach eyebolts and chain so that your sign is installation-ready, adding value to our clients.

  • Unique gift idea: For a gift with a difference, our one-stop gift shop offers personalized wood name signs if your vision is a sign to put up on the birthday girl or boy’s room door. Perhaps you have a friend who likes to entertain and want to gift them a sign that says ‘watering hole’; we make personalised bar signs in Australia.

  • Handmade: Design your own personalised engraved wooden signs and explore your creative side. We engrave your signboard with a font of your choice, and you have the additional option to add an image to your sign. You may want to put up an image of the family crest at the entrance of your home or enjoy timber plaques in Australia to showcase your company logo at your offices.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Wooden Signs Made Custom


You know the purpose of the sign you want; you’ve chosen the type of wood, style and size of it and now need to select the detail necessary to make it a piece that communicates effectively. Whether you want to direct people to your guesthouse or attract customers to your store, these are some of the elements to consider when creating an effective sign.


  • Address: The meet its purpose, an address sign should have a big and simple font to ensure visibility. These timber signs in Australia can be mounted onto a wall or attached to posts pegged into the ground in your front yard or at the entrance to your business premises. To install your sign at this level, however, is not advisable in a crowded space because it’s not in a natural line of sight and may be lost to people driving by.

  • Business: If the purpose of your sign is to point customers in the direction of your store, you’ll have to think carefully about how you want to present your company since it’s the first impression that potential clients will have of your business. You’ll also need to contemplate where the best place to put your sign is. Ideally, it should be in a place where there’s a high volume of traffic. In this case, you’ll have to include concise and clear directions on how to get to your premises. You may need to place a few personalised engraved wooden plaques along the way to get clients to you until they successfully arrive at your doorstep.

  • Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of your sign, we varnish them with durable oil that keeps the wood's colour. You have the option of weatherproofing your signage so that it can withstand the elements. It’s advisable to reapply varnish to your outdoor sign once a year to maintain its quality.


About Flamin' Signs and Boxes


We have been in business for just over ten years and have gained in-depth knowledge and experience within that decade. Our owner has a long history in woodwork. With his background, you can rely on the quality of the product and skilful craftsmanship.


Our business is based in Melbourne, but we operate nationally to services clients Australia wide. We ship at your convenience, so the only thing you’ll have to spend much thought on is in creating a sign that stands out.


Contact us for signs tailored to your signage requirements and gifting needs.



Personalised Wood Signs for Outdoors

Order Personalised Wood Signs for Outdoors


Do you love the look of personalized wood signs for outdoors? You can buy your very own at Flamin’ Signs and Boxes. We offer a wide range of custom engraved signs and other products, such as wood signs for home décor.


Benefits of Using Personalised Wooden Door Signs for Your Business


You can buy wood signs for your home to be a fun and stylish addition. However, there are several strong reasons to buy wood signs for your business, too. Wooden signs offer several unique advantages over other materials, and they also look attractive. Here are a few specific reasons why you should order a wood sign today:


  • They’re durable. Wooden signs can last for a lifetime with proper care. When you treat it the right way, wood can last decade after decade. If you consider that you’re making a modest, one-time investment for something that will potentially last for as long as your business lasts, it’s easy to see how affordable wood signs are. Wood can also withstand the elements, from harsh sun to pouring rain, in case of exposure.

  • They’re affordable. Custom wooden signs for your business are surprisingly cost-effective. You won’t be making regular orders for these signs–just one will last and last. When compared to the other materials commonly used to create custom signs, wood does not undergo high-level processing or manufacturing—processes that can add up to make materials more expensive. For all these reasons, a wooden sign is a less demanding investment that adds value over time.

  • They’re unique. Long ago, many businesses carried very similar designs because of a lack of variety of creative products. Today, we know that we can shape wood into almost anything, and engraving adds the opportunity for even more originality. A custom wood sign can give your company identity. This unique identity allows your customers to connect with you in a genuine way. A wooden sign can be a unique representation of your brand, showing a bit of your personality and style while being memorable.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Wooden Signs for Your Home Décor


Custom wooden signs are an all-time favourite for helping you make a positive first impression on your customers. Once you invest in a wood sign, you’ll want to do everything that you can to keep it looking its best year after year since even hardwoods can weather and fade over time. Here are a few things that you can do to get the most out of your sign:


  • Avoid direct sunlight. The sun’s harsh UV rays are dangerous not just for your skin but also for your belongings. Direct sunlight can gradually cause both wood grain and paint to break down. By positioning your sign out of direct sunlight, you’ll ensure that it lasts as long as possible and stays protected from many of the risks posed by the sun.

  • Seal as needed. You can use a weather sealant to protect your wooden sign. If you paint your sign, you may want to apply a weather sealant first, then paint, and then follow that step with another coat of sealant. Even if your sign is sealed when you receive it, you’ll still want to reseal it periodically to ensure that it stays protected.

  • Keep an eye out for damage. One of the most critical things that you can do for your wood sign is to check it over regularly for signs of damage or weathering. The sooner you spot a potential issue, the easier it will be to repair it. Keep an eye out for moisture damage, cracks, chips in the sealant, and any other problems, and address any issues at once to keep your sign in its best possible condition.


What You Can Expect from Flamin’ Signs and Boxes Regarding Custom Wooden House Signs


When you choose Flamin’ Signs and Boxes, you’ll find that we do things a little differently. Far from your typical online store selling mass-produced and overpriced gifts and novelties, we offer custom-made, one-of-a-kind engraved signs, boxes, wooden hearts, and more. We lovingly create each piece just for you, and our passion for our work shows in our finished products. When you shop with us, you’ll discover:


  • A wide range of options. We can provide a range of personalized wood signs for your home décor, as a gift, or for a wedding. Some of our products include fractal burnt timber charcuterie boards, mango wood jewellery boxes, olive wood sentimental hearts, and laser-engraved timber signs and plaques–all made just for you and to your specifications.

  • Fast turnaround times on a variety of products. No matter what you choose, we get it to you quickly. You’ll enjoy quick turnaround times on everything from signs to lovely hand-engraved olive wood hearts for someone special–and anything else that you want to give as a gift or buy as a treat for yourself.

  • One-of-a-kind gifts at competitive prices. We know that your budget matters when you’re shopping for gifts, so we keep our prices affordable. However, that doesn’t mean that we skimp on quality. We will create every piece that you order from us with the same care and attention to detail as the last, making us a one-stop gift shop where you can find uniquely beautiful gifts at prices that you’ll like.


About Flamin’ Signs and Boxes


Flamin’ Signs and Boxes offers a range of custom engraved signs, boxes, and other gift items. Whether you are looking for personalised wooden signs for a wedding or attractive wood signs for your home, we can help. We have ten years of experience creating custom signs and have expanded our craft to include picture frames, framed mirrors, jewellery and trinket boxes, original burnt wood artworks, and much more. If you are looking for a gift for someone who has it all, you’ve come to the right place.


Contact us today to order your personalised wooden signs in Australia.


Custom Engraved Timber Signs for Every Occasion

Welcome to Flamin’ Signs and Boxes, your go-to destination for beautifully crafted custom engraved timber signs. Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home, celebrate a special event, or enhance your business branding, we’ve got you covered.

Personalised Wooden Signs

Our custom wooden signs are more than just pieces of timber; they’re expressions of your unique style. From family names to inspirational quotes, we’ll engrave your vision onto high-quality wood, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Engraved Timber Plaques

Elevate your space with our exquisite timber plaques. Perfect for commemorating achievements, honoring loved ones, or displaying essential information, these plaques combine timeless elegance with expert craftsmanship.

Custom Wood House Signs

Make your house a home with our custom wood house signs. Whether it’s a welcoming front porch sign or an elegant address plaque, our engraved timber signs add warmth and character to any residence.

Rustic Wooden Name Signs

Capture the rustic charm with our name signs. Ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, or cabin getaways, these engraved wooden signs evoke a sense of nostalgia and simplicity.

Outdoor Timber Signs

Durability meets aesthetics in our outdoor timber signs. With weather-resistant finishes, these signs withstand the elements while maintaining their natural beauty. Perfect for gardens, driveways, and business entrances.

Custom Business Signs

Stand out from the crowd with personalized business signage. From storefronts to office interiors, our custom wood signs enhance your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on clients.

Wooden Wedding Signs

Celebrate love with our wooden wedding signs. Whether it’s directional signs for your venue or personalized keepsakes for the couple, our engraved timber signs add a touch of romance to the big day.

House Number Plaques

Ensure your address is easily visible with our house number plaques. Stylish and functional, these engraved wooden signs guide visitors to your doorstep.

Unique Wooden Garden Signs

Green thumbs rejoice! Our garden signs add flair to flower beds, vegetable patches, and herb gardens. Choose from whimsical designs or create a custom message that reflects your gardening passion.

Australian Made Engraved Timber Signs

Support local craftsmanship with our Australian-made timber signs. Each piece is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and authenticity.

At Flamin’ Signs and Boxes, we believe that every sign tells a story. Let us help you create yours. Explore our collection today and discover the artistry of custom engraved timber signs.

Visit Flamin’ Signs and Boxes for more inspiration and to place your order. Remember, when it comes to personalised wooden signs, we’re the name to trust! 🌿🪵✨


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