Beautifully grained, Custom Engraved Mango Wood Boxes. Each box has it's own unique grain pattern and no two boxes are the same. The perfect gift for the person with the unusual name.

Any name in a wide variety of fonts to choose from. Any vector/clipart image, any photo image, any logos catered for. Optional FREE Personal message engraved under lid for an everlasting touch.  Red felt lined, varnished and a sturdy, decorative latch. Optional 2, 3, 4 or no compartments.


23cm x 18cm x 10cm - $75 with FREE shipping

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Custom timber jewellery box
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Custom Wooden Box
What To Consider When Buying A Custom Wooden Box


When considering a custom wooden box as a gift or even for yourself, there are some features that you should keep in mind for maximum benefits. While some enamel and metal boxes are gorgeous, we opt for wooden boxes since we offer a laser engraved wooden box, adding a more individualised touch to your gift. If the box is for jewellery, consider the size of the collection; if you are unsure, getting a box with at least two compartments can work in your favour. Our custom wooden boxes from Australia can have any image engraved on the lid and even a specialised message on the inside.

The Benefits of an Engraved Wooden Box

With a personalised wooden box, you have various engraving choices, from images to messages in all kinds of available fonts.

  • Our custom wooden gift boxes are from Mango wood, each with a unique grain and pattern. Not one box looks the same as another, but they all have red felt lining and a decorative latch to complete the look.

  • We offer a wide variety of fonts to choose from when engraving a message or name. We also offer a free personalised message on the inside of the lid.

  • We can engrave all clipart, logos, and photo images onto the boxes. You can completely personalise the entire box according to what you want on and inside it. You have the choice of two to four compartments or leave it plain with no partitions.

  • They last a lifetime. Handcrafted wooden boxes are durable and sturdy. It takes a lot for a wooden box to break, even if you accidentally drop it.

Tips Regarding Custom Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Our custom boxes require perfection. At most, the aftercare you need is to wipe off any dust that gathers regularly and, on the odd chance of a spill to clean it up. The costs of jewellery boxes have skyrocketed, but we offer competitive pricing on all our products.

  • For jewellery storage, make sure you separate all necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and bangles. To avoid necklace entanglement, it’s best to keep them hanging instead of inside the box. However, earrings, bangles and bracelets are perfect for these neat custom box designs.

  • Keeping all your jewellery and other small items on your dresser visible and tidy avoids the last-minute hunts that occur while you get ready.

  • When it comes to jewellery such as diamonds and pearls, it’s always best to keep them locked away and safe. Wrapping them and locking them in a safe is perfect for appearance and value.

  • Displaying your box in the right way ensures your environment stays sleek and classy. Wooden boxes add an earthy element to your room and tend to stand out from the crowd. Placing it on your dresser with your metallic and enamel displays incorporates the earthiness back into the look. It may even improve our overall mood.

About Flamin' Signs And Boxes

At Flamin’ Signs and Boxes, we offer the perfect gift that’s personalised for anybody’s taste. With our ten years of industry experience, we provide a wide range of jewellery boxes, synthetic wood phone cases, custom olive wood hearts, timber signs and wood burnt art. We laser engrave all signs and burn the art into the wood by hand on boxes and Olive Wood Hearts. We recently also introduced Personalised Growth Ruler Charts, Mango Wood Watch Organiser boxes and Fractal Burnt Charcuterie.


We aim to improve and expand our wide range of signs and gifts to ensure you get the best and highest quality products. We offer competitive prices through our online store, where you can easily send your design and details along with your order, and we'll start working. All orders within Australia have free postage, and international delivery costs do apply. We only ask for a range of four to seven days to complete your design before we ship it to your door.


Design your timber signs, phone case or custom box through our custom designing forms or contact us for further queries. We are always happy to help!